Fond Organics LLC

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yearning for the Burning

         The alarm blares a cruel tone at 2am. It's music to our ears here at the Suburban Market Bakery and Catering Shop. Weighing the ingredients and digging our bedraggled fists into the tender-tough yeasty dough and a new day begins. With no industrial mixers, our immaculate kneaders need to knead and feed their greed for perfectly plump rolls, loaves and pastries with an aroma to match. We keep our starters sour and bubbly. A belching, writhing lump of living, breathing bread dough destined to transform in one of our medieval ovens. Good day indeed.


  1. Last week's cinnamon rolls from Farmer's Market rocked my world!!!! I love them! What am I going to do when the frost comes?????

  2. It's Monday night and I want a cinnamon roll.......

  3. I bought 2 dozen cinnamon rolls and sticky buns today for my office. They were awesome, I have never had a better cinnamon roll, and I have eaten alot of them.