Fond Organics LLC

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Here at Fond, late summer evokes in us a sense of urgency. As the mighty mother grizzly tirelessly hunts and forages to fatten her young before the freeze, we knead the doughs, grill the meats and saute the vegetables of summer available to us in these last hazy, crazy days of summer.

Each day, an excursion into edible excellence, putting to the test several techniques and styles simultaneously. Fermenting, saute, sear, boil, broil, braise, poach, smoke, blanch and bake. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. A battle against the clock to bring fragrant offerings to our guests, to whom we are personally accountable.

Go ahead, lift your fork and let your tongue get acquainted to our creations. Piquant sauces balanced with the right levels of sweet, spice, sour, bitter, salt . Textures that comfort and challenge the palate with silk, crunch, smooth, grainy, soft, crisp.

We liken the experience to a concert, listening to a jazz band that hits all the right notes, with solos, scales and melodies that just make your soul smile.

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